Grizzly Hibernation – Rising Pheonix Hybrid

You know when you get the satisfaction of makring something of your to-do list you et that wonderful boost of satisfaction? …..Only of course to have it erased by adding 3 new things to your list. Bitter-sweet, uch…if only it were as good as the chocolate version.

Golden Ginger Productions has been in a hibernation mode, but is also being reborn in a sense through other endeavors in groups through newborn collborations thanks to the connections made sprouting from the start of Golden Ginger Productions.

When I started Golden Ginger Productions is was because I wanted to make time for my lover of theater via collaborating, writing, and acting. Through it my first musical was born and produced and I have made loads of AMAZING friends and met incredible people to keep collobarating with and inspired some new writers to take the leap into their very first drafts and comedians to book their first stand-up gigs, to first time novelsists. There is not true adjective to describe that feeling, so I’ll call it a magnetic domino effect for now. Several of my budding colloaborations have lead to the creation of brand new groups/arts/theater/web series/film companies. My new partners and co-leaders wanted something new they could cultivate together. This is magical. As a result, my super time management filled scheduled has been wondrously filled with good problems, choosing which creative endavor to jump into next. My 2 babies of the moment are D.C. based theater company Too Much Damn (TMD) Theater and web series/film group Pink Razor Productions spefically the new  dramedyweb series “Baddest Boss Lady.  TMD Theater has been doing radio plays, the 48 Hour Film Project Film, and had some productions at the Kennedy Center! The TMD team also has a sense of “family” with everyone they work with, which I love. Next up are some full length plays and a web series.

So while dormant mostly, aspects still live, and will likely revive through the lifeforce of productions by future teams.


Haiku Crew

Stoked to be collaborating with this new theater initiative. Here’s a fun writing inspiration post via hilarious haikus. Poetry can be the food of love and the fuel for theater.

Too Much Damn Theater


From Shakespeare Memes Facebook Page

So during, National Haiku Writing Month, a group of friends and I started writing haikus back to back about each other and it ended up beling hilarious, especially as inside jokes got hidden in the depths.  But they can be a good time even with general jokes and laugh out loud humor with topics from dating to dog, but not dating dog, so no worries. Haikus used to be confusing to me, but I’ve now developed a greater appreication. There’s a magical joy and wit to them. Based on this experience, I thought it’d be fun to have a Haiku Crew blog post thread. So if you wanna haiku, please haiku away! We can even have themes to just stream haikus back to back.
And, I’m not gonna lie they became more addicting than I expected. At least it’s a healthy one….

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Lifting Others – Supporting Fellow Artists

I’m all about supporting our community of fellow artists. It’s important to celebrate their Star 2visions and creativity. Lifting others up make the world a better and more beautiful place. One of Golden Ginger Productions long time supporters, basically the beginning is Star Johnson. Fun fact she is one of the wingwomen muses for our 2016 Capital Fringe show How To Be The Perfect Wingwoman. Star is also a huge advocate of new works and aspiring artists and we love her for that. She has a show in the 2017 New York Musicals Festival!!! It’s called NYMF #BlackGirlJoy: Star Johnson in Concert, which will be presenting her visionary hip-hop, soul and pop infused musical theater productions.

We are thrilled that she is a step closer to Broadway, but she needs our help. Please click here to donate to her gofundme, anything will help.

Check out some of her work here!

Trust me, you’re gonna want to be a part of this journey to Broadway!!!

BE a part of her big break, donate, and let’s show NYC what #DCTheater is all about!!!

#FindYourJoy #BroadwayhereIcome #Everybitcounts

Go (ART)doors!

Both images are from Anystage Theater Co. Above is rehearsal for outdoor production of Romeo & Juliet.


Outdoor arts is a gift to revel in, whether you be on a blanket watching or acting among the trees. Summer/Fall 2017 goal is to develop some new plays in an outdoor way..venue, stage…makeshift stage…opportunities are boundless. It’ll be a fun way to bring new works  to life, give them the oxygen they need (pun intended).

When preparing for anoutdoor show, literally anything can be your stage and set..trees to the glorious stars. Tapping into the impromptu and unpredictability of the weather (always an additional cast member) becomes a way of life. Tying nature to art together heightens the enjoyment of both as they play into each other’s strengths.

Outdoor theater and art help actors grow…add an extra dimension to the piece, and present unique opportunities like embracing a new angle to the play and your craft. For anyone who has been camping, or enjoys just sitting on the beach or in a park, will understand there is a special peace and bliss that nature provides. For some reason outdoor theater accentuates the splendor of particular plays,  like Shakespeare. I can speak from experience having acted in outdoor Shakespeare shows. Then again, Will (yes going to a first name basis lol) did design many of his works for the Golden Globe Theater, an outdoorsy open-air venue.

So check out some outdoor theater and art this summer and fall! Now it’s time for the fun plug!!! There’s an all-female production of Romeo & Juliet produced by Anystage Theater Co. in Reston, VA at a local park. It’s not the first time they’ve done outdoor theater or outdoor Shakespeare. It’s a fanatic mixture of comedy and tragedy you don’t wanna miss.
— Click here link to their trailer:

If you’re still reading and wanna hear about other cool nature things, just learned about a concept called Japanese forest bathing, where literally just walking in the trees can help your overall wellbeing. Well many also think the mere immersion in the arts can do the same. So let’s combine both and Go (Art)doors!

Splendid Springtime Shows!!!

Want something awesome to do in D.C. in March and April!?
Well, we’ve got THE answer for you :D.

Links to each show:

Poem Power

Yesterday on Facebook I encountered one of those chain posts from a friend, but this one was different. I think it’s called Occupy Facebook with Poetry – or something like that. It had a purposed I admired, there are no catches and participation is 100% optional and not thrust upon you. And it was arts related, specifically poetry, which I love as a writer and lyricist. The post said:

“The idea is to occupy Facebook with #poetry. Whoever “likes” this post will be given a poet and has to post a poem, or a part of a poem, by that poet, along with this message. I was given NAME OF POET by OF FRIEND who brought it to my attention. So, I liked their post and was assigned the poet Derek Mahon. I had never heard of him, but I was excited to learn about a new poet. I ended up finding this amazing poem, which coincidentally had similar themes to A MidSummer Night’s Dream and the parody I had written. The poem was beautiful, smart, thoughtful, and witty. I love it! For your enjoyment I’ll post it below.

“The Dream Play”

What night-rule now about this haunted grove?
The spirits have dispersed, the woods
faded to grey from midnight blue
leaving a powdery residue,
night music fainter, frivolous gods
withdrawing, cries of yin and yang,
discords of the bionic young;
cobweb and insects, hares and deer,
wild strawberries and eglantine,
dawn silence of the biosphere,
amid the branches a torn wing
— what is this enchanted place?
Not the strict groves of academe
but an old thicket of lost time
too cool for school, recovered space
where the brain yields to nose and ear,
folk remedy and herbal cure,
old narratives of heart and hand,
and a dazed donkey, starry eyed,
with pearls and honeysuckle crowned,
beside her naked nibs is laid.
Wild viruses, Elysian fields —
our own planet lit by the fire
of molten substance, constant flux,
hot ice and acrobatic sex,
the electric moth-touch of desire
and a new vision, a new regime
where the white blaze of physics yields
to yellow moonlight, dance and dream
induced by what mind-altering drug
or rough-cast magic realism;
till morning bright with ant and bug
shines in a mist of glistening gism,
shifting identities, mutant forms,
angels evolved from snails and worms.
~~ Derek Mahon

After going through this exercise I was inspired to write my own. Not to become a song, just for the sake of writing a poem. It had been a while since I have written that way. Lots of my friends do poetry, spoken word, and open mics, so time to re-give it a whirl.  So this was the result:

“Push Past Burn Out”

I can feel stress in my face
That I didn’t know existed

Must I have eternal exhaustion
And neck pain?

It goes on regardless
And for days
No matter how I twist and turn
No matter how comfy my bed may seem, whether my mind is restless with nightmares or good dreams

But as long as I have balance
Have happiness, have friends,
Even among work and giving back
I can make time for my passions

It’s all worth it.

Now who wants to give me a massage?
~~ Dara A. Gold

The Fruits of Accidents

Stoked to share that the long time coming parody to Shakespeare’s A MidSummer Night’s Dream came to fruition in it’s beginning steps. It happened in January at Openstage in Eastern Market Washington D.C. I wanted to share the pics with you all so you can share its journey with us as the show progresses. The show is titled “A Puck Up: An Unofficial Ending to a MidSummer.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s a brief synopsis: In the show the faerie associated with the flower (who the play names Tasheena) Puck used to spell the lovers calls Puck out on the motives of Puck’s “so-called mistakes and mix-ups.” Through flirtation and witty banter, Tasheena calls Puck out on his B.S. and explains the insider knowledge she has on Puck. Puck and Tasheena rewind to key parts of the plot and to some “behind the scenes” even the audience of a MidSummer will discover for the first time to see the “real” story and  intentions of Puck, our mischievous jester of the night. The show ends with Tasheena taking in Puck’s infliences and re-writing the play within the play – Pyramus and Thisbe, now within a third play cause she has some thoughts on this so-called Wall. 😉

Writing Round-Up Catch Up/Coming Soon!!!

Yes, it’s been awhile. This may happen from time to time when in the midst of writing and editing and searching for a day job to ensure the art can go on.

So here’s a quick catch-up of what’s been happening and what to look forward to:
1) Helping recurring actor Sir Harvey Fitz with his 1st ever Photo Exibit titled “The World Is Your Stage.” It’s gonna be epic! Click here for info –>

2) Play in D.C. “The Future is Female Festival – Night Of New Play Readings,” 

3) A sci-fi sketch in a sketch-theater hybrid festival
– more deets to come

4) Other plays in the works like some new musicals 🙂  and hopefully at least one web series heading into planning stages

5) We has a successful stage reading w/light blocking of “A Puck-Up: An Unofficial Ending to a MidSummer; the play from the “Accidental Tragedy” Post …plans on what to do with the full length in the works.  Will post photos soon.

6) Submissions to summer/fall play festivals — fingers crossed 🤞

Dreams (the sleeping kind)

Most of the time I cannot remember my dreams. But, for some reason I am remembering


them more. I always love it when my friends tell me about theirs and the rare occasion when I do. I also love it when I just wake up, the moment between half asleep and half awake, where I want to return to my dreams like it is the climax episode of a TV series. I guess inadvertently, I am the writer and director of said episode.


A lot of the time, when it comes to dreams, especially recently I think, you just cannot make this Sh***t up! Well apparently something colorful in your brain did. And AMAZING artists like Antoni Gaudí and Salvador Dalí certainly held nothing back. I am not sure whether to be inspired or just weirded out yet by the idea weaving of the subconscious.

  Photo is of the sculpture titled Portrait of Joella by Salvador Dalí – taken from my 2011 trip to the
                                                       Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid Spain.  

But for fun I am tempted to take the inspired route ;). Let the dream journal commence for every scrap of dream I can muster via typing or pen, before it fades away into the universe. Sooo….future scripts and stories of this route…TBD.

Belated Awesome News!!!


Successfully Completed NaNoWriMo by writing over 50,000 of a draft novel. Somehow playwriting, especially monologues steered the path 🙂

Now it is editing time alongside working on other pieces. Ahhh…the struggle between writing more, delving into the existing, and reading/watching other works for mere enjoyment and to become better. Happy Writing!!!