Capital Fringe Fringe Preview Night – 2016!!!

We had soooooo much fun meeting the actors, directors, playwrights, producers, and fringe goers of 2016!!!!! It’s gonna be a ridiculously incredible Summer 😀


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One motivation behind the Wingwoman Musical

In a nutshell version – From the Playwright

(Will tell full story another time)

I was talking to my theater friends after some #wingwomaning and said, wouldn’t it be funny if someone wrote a play about wingwomaning. Then we thought!? Yeah, why the hell not and I immediately started typing ideas into my cell phone.

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Or script for a play!

A book about “wingwomaning”? What’s that about?

Our characters find this wingwomaning book to help deal with modern dating struggles. But what is it all about?

Well we have a small teaser from our latest rehearsal to answer that very question!

The trailer is in the updates section of our Kickstarter page: and on Facebook.

Like what you see, then please come in July and support us in our Kickstarter campaign.…/how-to-be-the-perfect-wingwom…

We Launched Our Show’s Trailer & Kickstarter Campaign


We have officially launched our Trailer as a part of our 30 day Kickstarter Campaign!!!! We would immensely appreciate any support you can provide. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday 😀


We will be having a webpage devoted to thanking all of our backers, so please look for it in the menu under the Wingwoman Musical tab.

Our Fringe Cast!!!!

We are incredibly lucky and blessed to have such a talented, wonderful, and enthusiastic cast!!! Come see them in How To Be The Perfect Wingwoman on July 9, 14, and 16 at Tropicalia on U St.

cast pic 5

Full cast from top left to bottom right:
Katie Jeanneret, Kristina Brooks, Kaisha Huguley
Harvey Fitz, Jonathan Hilgendorf ,
Noah Sommer, Shelby Sours, and Kenny Washington