Dreams (the sleeping kind)

Most of the time I cannot remember my dreams. But, for some reason I am remembering


them more. I always love it when my friends tell me about theirs and the rare occasion when I do. I also love it when I just wake up, the moment between half asleep and half awake, where I want to return to my dreams like it is the climax episode of a TV series. I guess inadvertently, I am the writer and director of said episode.


A lot of the time, when it comes to dreams, especially recently I think, you just cannot make this Sh***t up! Well apparently something colorful in your brain did. And AMAZING artists like Antoni Gaudí and Salvador Dalí certainly held nothing back. I am not sure whether to be inspired or just weirded out yet by the idea weaving of the subconscious.

  Photo is of the sculpture titled Portrait of Joella by Salvador Dalí – taken from my 2011 trip to the
                                                       Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid Spain.  

But for fun I am tempted to take the inspired route ;). Let the dream journal commence for every scrap of dream I can muster via typing or pen, before it fades away into the universe. Sooo….future scripts and stories of this route…TBD.

Belated Awesome News!!!


Successfully Completed NaNoWriMo by writing over 50,000 of a draft novel. Somehow playwriting, especially monologues steered the path 🙂

Now it is editing time alongside working on other pieces. Ahhh…the struggle between writing more, delving into the existing, and reading/watching other works for mere enjoyment and to become better. Happy Writing!!!