The Fruits of Accidents

Stoked to share that the long time coming parody to Shakespeare’s A MidSummer Night’s Dream came to fruition in it’s beginning steps. It happened in January at Openstage in Eastern Market Washington D.C. I wanted to share the pics with you all so you can share its journey with us as the show progresses. The show is titled “A Puck Up: An Unofficial Ending to a MidSummer.”

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Here’s a brief synopsis: In the show the faerie associated with the flower (who the play names Tasheena) Puck used to spell the lovers calls Puck out on the motives of Puck’s “so-called mistakes and mix-ups.” Through flirtation and witty banter, Tasheena calls Puck out on his B.S. and explains the insider knowledge she has on Puck. Puck and Tasheena rewind to key parts of the plot and to some “behind the scenes” even the audience of a MidSummer will discover for the first time to see the “real” story and  intentions of Puck, our mischievous jester of the night. The show ends with Tasheena taking in Puck’s infliences and re-writing the play within the play – Pyramus and Thisbe, now within a third play cause she has some thoughts on this so-called Wall. 😉

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