There’s lots of discussion about better inclusion of diversity on multiple levels.
One campaign to achieve better inclusion and recognition is #52PlaysbyWomen Campaign to foster further recognition of plays by women on social media by encouraging ppl to read or see one play by a women a week.

This playlist is to help people see plays by women, especially where there are not enough local plays by women produced , you’re a theater lover on a budget, or you just wanna support women artists. ūüôā

We will have a list of the plays included here our website and as a playlist on YouTube here.

Please note: Some of the videos in this playlist have multiple plays because they are a part of a festival or a show case. Some of them are also produced with male playwrights.

The minimum goal is to find 52 plays by female playwrights.

Right now there are 52 recordings of plays and counting, including radio dramas in this list. 73 in the complete list. 

The Play List
(Not in any particular order Рplays with video/audio recordings of complete shows are listed first)

Stage Plays

  1. The Most Massive Woman Wins by Madeleine George
  2. STOP DOING IT! By Anne Marie DiNardo. (Next Day Theater (“NDT”) – May 2015)
  3. THE TASTE By Jessica Bylander. (NDT – May 2015)
  4. CASPER’S COMING OUT PARTY: Written by Anne Marie DiNardo 
    (NDT – Oct. 2015)
  5. HERE COMES THE PANIC: Written by Jenny Splitter (NDT – Oct. 2015)
  6. STOP DOING IT! By Anne Marie DiNardo. (NDT – May 2015)
  7. THE TASTE By Jessica Bylander. (NDT – May 2015)
  8. CASPER’S COMING OUT PARTY: Written by Anne Marie DiNardo 
  9. HERE COMES THE PANIC: Written by Jenny Splitter (NDT – Oct. 2015)
  10. Murderella by Star Johnson, Dara Gold, and Desiree Springer
  11. Riotous (Stage) Readings – Presented by Rabble Crew Productions
    1. “Extra Virgin” by Jen Williams
    2. “Pacing” by Jessica Bylander
    3. “Friends Against Humanity” by Ayan and Dara Gold
  12. “The Sky is Blue” Short Play Semifinalist at Manhattan Repertory Theatre by Amy Oestreicher¬†(Less than 10 min)
  13.  Imprints РActs 1 and II by Amy Oestreicher
  14. Bennington College Readings‚ÄĒ365 Women Project‚ÄĒFri March 27 2015¬†
    1. Feelin’ Lonely by Catherine Weingarten, about Elizabeth Bishop
      2. En El Medio by Maia Villa, about Gloria Anzaldua
      3. After the Thin Man by Shellen Lubin, about Stella Adler and Sylvia Gassel
      4. Making Frankenstein by Natalie Osborne, about Mary Shelley
      5. White Cotton by Shellen Lubin, about Frannie Lou Hammer
  15. LOVE.LIFE: a series of interjections about love, sex, life, death and everything in between: Collateral
    by Star Johnson –> video link

    • Please note: This is a stage reading workshop piece that is 3 min and 26 sec.
  16. New Writers Now! #nofilter (May 28, 2015) — 4 plays
    1. Despair by Nakia Greene
    2. Javon’s Dream by¬†Quanisha Mitchell
    3. Saving Scarlet by China Warren
    4. P.S. Problems by Lawrencia Odoms
  17. Sex Ed Themed Plays
    1. “Pregnancy Files” by Natalia Gleason
    2. “Sex-O-Lympics” by Dara Gold
    3. “Mother Knows Best”¬†by Jen Williams
  18. 2014 Female Playwrights ONSTAGE Project (11 plays)
    1. 6:36: SEEDS OF REBELLION, by Kay Poiro
    2. 13:30: HAPPY RETURNS, by Jessica Abrams
    3. 26:25: OFEM, by Anne Hamilton 
    4. 31:59: FLOWERS, by Jen Huszcza (may be too short)
    5. 37:45: FLY GIRL FLY, by Brigitte Viellieu-Davis
    6. 50:08: FANCY TOMATOES, by Tiffany Antone
    7. 1:01:20: LITTLE SWIMMERS, by Sharon Goldner
    8. 1:18:06: THE OLD SALT, by Katherine James
    9. 1:32:03: REBECCA ON THE BUS, by Jennie Webb
    10. 1:42:11: THE BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO GARDENING, by Denise St. Pierre (may be too short)
    11. 1:47: 30: THE ENVIRONMENTALISTS, by Marla Dean

Radio Plays

Links: 2012 shows and 2013 shows

  1. Surviving Today – radio drama by Anna V. Blake
  2. Family Therapy Written By Sara Bugajski
  3. The Dumbbell Murder Radio Drama by Dara Gold
  4. Chemistry – Radio Drama by Dara Gold
    Shorter than 10 min
  5. Sidekicks by Jessica Zack: 
  6. Pick a Side by Valerie Swick
  7.  Seven Plays Produced by Lady Plays

  Rent from Library or Buy (Stage recordings likely available)

  1. A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry
  2. The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler

Links to Contemporary Female Playwrights 

  1.  Amy Oestreicher
    1. Imprints: An Original Full-Length Drama
    2. Gutless & Grateful РOne Woman Musical
      • Video of Show’s Highlights
  2. Sandra de Helen – click here for six 10 minute plays
  3. Geralyn Horton Рclick here for full texts of 15 of her full length plays and other short plays

“10 Centuries of Plays by Women”