Wanna write?

That’s awesome!!! Now all you have to do is get started. 😀 It can literally be as easy as


Pic is from a cool Facebook page for writers called The Writer’s Circle.

writing something, anything down. Eventually, based on your style, you can turn it into a play, poem, blog post, book, short story, whatever you want.

People ask me how I write while also being a law student or how they can with their jobs and/or school work load. The answer, if you love and want something enough, you’ll make time for it.

Golden Ginger Production’s tagline is “Theater in the free time we creatively create.”

Creatively creating time is a literal challenge we face when we want to pursue multiple passions. Plus, once you’re a writer you automatically and minimally double your current level of awesomeness. For ex: Look at the pic above.

In the near future, we are going to create a new page with posts inspiring you to write & find ideas, creatively create time, find ways to be victorious over writer’s block, and more. We’ll also include posts on the main page too.  For now, we shall cornily dub it the Writer Genie – because it can seem like magic and magical that we create time for our love of writing amid the crazy that is our lives.

And if you want to collaborate with us to write a play, whether it be your first, or you just want to, let us know. We can be emailed at goldengingproductions@gmail.com.