Dreams (the sleeping kind)

Most of the time I cannot remember my dreams. But, for some reason I am remembering


them more. I always love it when my friends tell me about theirs and the rare occasion when I do. I also love it when I just wake up, the moment between half asleep and half awake, where I want to return to my dreams like it is the climax episode of a TV series. I guess inadvertently, I am the writer and director of said episode.


A lot of the time, when it comes to dreams, especially recently I think, you just cannot make this Sh***t up! Well apparently something colorful in your brain did. And AMAZING artists like Antoni Gaudí and Salvador Dalí certainly held nothing back. I am not sure whether to be inspired or just weirded out yet by the idea weaving of the subconscious.

  Photo is of the sculpture titled Portrait of Joella by Salvador Dalí – taken from my 2011 trip to the
                                                       Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid Spain.  

But for fun I am tempted to take the inspired route ;). Let the dream journal commence for every scrap of dream I can muster via typing or pen, before it fades away into the universe. Sooo….future scripts and stories of this route…TBD.

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