Grizzly Hibernation – Rising Pheonix Hybrid

You know when you get the satisfaction of makring something of your to-do list you et that wonderful boost of satisfaction? …..Only of course to have it erased by adding 3 new things to your list. Bitter-sweet, uch…if only it were as good as the chocolate version.

Golden Ginger Productions has been in a hibernation mode, but is also being reborn in a sense through other endeavors in groups through newborn collborations thanks to the connections made sprouting from the start of Golden Ginger Productions.

When I started Golden Ginger Productions is was because I wanted to make time for my lover of theater via collaborating, writing, and acting. Through it my first musical was born and produced and I have made loads of AMAZING friends and met incredible people to keep collobarating with and inspired some new writers to take the leap into their very first drafts and comedians to book their first stand-up gigs, to first time novelsists. There is not true adjective to describe that feeling, so I’ll call it a magnetic domino effect for now. Several of my budding colloaborations have lead to the creation of brand new groups/arts/theater/web series/film companies. My new partners and co-leaders wanted something new they could cultivate together. This is magical. As a result, my super time management filled scheduled has been wondrously filled with good problems, choosing which creative endavor to jump into next. My 2 babies of the moment are D.C. based theater company Too Much Damn (TMD) Theater and web series/film group Pink Razor Productions spefically the new  dramedyweb series “Baddest Boss Lady.  TMD Theater has been doing radio plays, the 48 Hour Film Project Film, and had some productions at the Kennedy Center! The TMD team also has a sense of “family” with everyone they work with, which I love. Next up are some full length plays and a web series.

So while dormant mostly, aspects still live, and will likely revive through the lifeforce of productions by future teams.


Haiku Crew

Stoked to be collaborating with this new theater initiative. Here’s a fun writing inspiration post via hilarious haikus. Poetry can be the food of love and the fuel for theater.

Too Much Damn Theater


From Shakespeare Memes Facebook Page

So during, National Haiku Writing Month, a group of friends and I started writing haikus back to back about each other and it ended up beling hilarious, especially as inside jokes got hidden in the depths.  But they can be a good time even with general jokes and laugh out loud humor with topics from dating to dog, but not dating dog, so no worries. Haikus used to be confusing to me, but I’ve now developed a greater appreication. There’s a magical joy and wit to them. Based on this experience, I thought it’d be fun to have a Haiku Crew blog post thread. So if you wanna haiku, please haiku away! We can even have themes to just stream haikus back to back.
And, I’m not gonna lie they became more addicting than I expected. At least it’s a healthy one….

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Love My City

I love my city.

My city is D.C.

D.C. Is my home and has been so the last 4 years. 

Each day I discover more and more treasures revealing its endless abundance of magnificence. Especially the art and the people who make it more than magic.

I know the  DC arts community is outstanding, but I’m constantly more awe inspired each time I see something new. New styles, genres, interpretations, such fun clever wit and creativity! And we are a part of this magic. Last night I finally went to the Wooly Mammoth Theater for the 1st time. I’ve always heard the best, but never made my way over. The time had come, especially thanks to their Pay What You Can Night and freedom from homework. I saw “Collective Rage: A Play in Dive Boops.” 

I learned about the pay what you can night on Facebook and just took a leap of faith. I didn’t lookup the show, just texted friends and went! It was AMAZING! Every part! The set, writing, acting, directing  — absolutely all if it. It was hilarious , smart, simple and yet also layers of complexity. No spoilers here. I also loved that it was an all woman cast and playwright. The post-theater high was strong and the reaffirmance of  choosing DC as my joke and reclaiming my creative Identity was rejenveated in the best of ways!!!

– Dara 

Super Proud of Theater Friends

Several of our theater friends wrote, directed, and produced show’s at the The Kennedy Center in D.C. as a part of its 15th Page to Stage Festival!

Shout outs to them and their phenomenal work!!!

  • “Flattops and F Words” by Star Johnson

Page to Stage 1

  • A love letter to the mothers of hip-hop, join us for “Flattops and F Words” at the Kennedy Center Page to Stage (Millennium Stage North). Rap. Spoken Word. Converse. Colorism. Boombox. Intersectionalism. Sexuality. Teeny Weeny Afros.
  • Spoken Word Faceoff and “Colombo Calling” Play – Presented by Bucharest Inside the Beltway



End of a 31 Day Playwriting Spree

The 31 Plays in 31 Days August Project is over! It was an incredible, fun, challenging, sometimes frustrating, but worthwhile experience.

Although I did not quite make it to 31, I am incredibly proud that I at least wrote 15 plays totaling 105 pages of theater. And there are some that are on the verge of being finished or will be integrated into new works. I think I’ll continue to play around with the plays I did write. In fact, one of them will be produced this Sept.

The Sept. play is called “Sex-O-Lympics” and will be produced by Rabble Crew Productions in their theater extravaganza “Sex Education: 8 One Acts in 2 weekends.”

Sex Ed

Irony of Writer’s Block

TTHEhe recent posts have been alot about inspiration and the writing process because the 31 Days Playwriting project is still happening and well, blogging thoughts is a gateway to other future ideas. So here goes some more thoughts on the splendor and rancor behind the “ugh” “uch” and “aha” feelings of writing. 🙂

Writer’s block can be a very personal struggle. Sometimes you want advice for it, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes when you do, the advice just plain doesn’t work for you. It may work, but not in that moment, etc… One of the suggestions I have heard is that it’s good to designate a time and place for writing. But for some reason, especially recently, that particular tidbit of advice has not been working.

It’s like the the hardness of a desk/table and the rigid timing is confining my thoughts. I get into this weird mindset where I both want to write and do not want to write. Or even if I want to write, I think that I do not to write what I had been brainstorming or writing. But when I am walking home or on a lunch break, or I’m doing something else and time becomes precious, both inspiration and my passion re-ignite. Maybe it’s the adrenaline or that writing is a way to distract me when I’m bored with something else. That’s one things that’s so great about 24 hour or on-the go theater is that you just got to make it happen and you don’t overthink. This constant inner-battle is incredibly frustrating. And sometimes that re-spark is not for the thing I had intended to write at all. Writing is wonderful, fun, finicky, and incredibly frustrating. But doing it is bliss, so I continue nonetheless.

Outside the BOX: Rethinking Costumes & Sets

Pure beautiful inspiration by artist Alexa Meade via her live exhibition in “My Modern Met.” Sparks potential ideas for staging shows. 🙂

Fun Gif of one of her pieces:

meade gif

By Alexa Meade. Discovered gif on Brit Snapper’s Tumber.

I love how she describes her works: “These aren’t paintings on canvas. These are paintings on real, live humans!” –Alexa Meade Art (video edited by Abbey Sacks Art)

Check it out in this kickass video and some pics below.

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Playwright’s Perspective

I’ve been participating in the 31 Plays on 31 Days Challenge. And it is definitely a greater challenge than I expected.

In the past people have asked, what is your method. And I would say, when an idea comes, I write it down. I do not necessarily write the inspiration down with a plot in mind, or in any particular chronological order, or anything, just cause it sounds fun or entertaining or both. And sometimes it is with a plot in mind or to expand an already existing story.

The 31 Plays on 31 Days definitely pushes participants out of their comfort zone, even if they already consider themselves to be a writer who has substantive ideas, who usually don’t encounter writer’s block. Typically when an idea hits, I stop and write it down if I can, preferably when I’m not in a middle of a crosswalk. In the past when an idea flows its way from my brain to my fingers via pen or keyboard, I am easily able to  well, just write and in time give the words the depth a story line, give it meat.

I now more than ever appreciate that this experience pushes me to write just cause rather than wait. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still savor when that type of inspiration comes, but as 31 Plays in 31 Days says, “Instead of waiting for the breeze of inspiration to blow your way, you will see that writing is a craft that can be called on at any time.”

With that said, I am definitely more behind than I thought I’d be. Out of the 23 days of August, I’ve written and submitted 8 plays. But I’m proud to say that I have at least written down ideas for plays almost every day, ideas I hope to turn into concrete scripts. For me, I need at least a beginning, middle, and end, without that my plays just feel incomplete. I’ve learned more now that it’s ok to write something I think is bad, but even my “bad” work needs those 3 elements.

The other day I was feeling pretty bummed I couldn’t think of anything, especially since writer’s block has been foreign to me in the past. (Probably because I hadn’t tried to write when I didn’t have a concrete idea. In a way, I’ve taken the easy path to writing and didn’t realize it. Those works are still great, they just come from a different creative place.) So, while being bummed, I was watching some youtube videos of actors/playwrights I admire. While watching I found a mini-musical series that really inspired me. I think it’s funny and smart and helped me be less bummed for sure. Here is the link to the final episode that turned my spirits, but I highly recommend watching the whole series. The series is called “World’s Worst Musical” —> This series is also helping me take the leap to write my own melodies for future musicals I write. A few weeks ago, 2 of my really awesome friends were yelling at me for saying “can’t” too much in terms of that. But now, that word is out the door. In fact, I finished writing a mini-musical today. I submitted it to the 31 Days project and am in the process of working on the melody :D.

  • Dara