Go (ART)doors!

Both images are from Anystage Theater Co. Above is rehearsal for outdoor production of Romeo & Juliet.


Outdoor arts is a gift to revel in, whether you be on a blanket watching or acting among the trees. Summer/Fall 2017 goal is to develop some new plays in an outdoor way..venue, stage…makeshift stage…opportunities are boundless. It’ll be a fun way to bring new works  to life, give them the oxygen they need (pun intended).

When preparing for anoutdoor show, literally anything can be your stage and set..trees to the glorious stars. Tapping into the impromptu and unpredictability of the weather (always an additional cast member) becomes a way of life. Tying nature to art together heightens the enjoyment of both as they play into each other’s strengths.

Outdoor theater and art help actors grow…add an extra dimension to the piece, and present unique opportunities like embracing a new angle to the play and your craft. For anyone who has been camping, or enjoys just sitting on the beach or in a park, will understand there is a special peace and bliss that nature provides. For some reason outdoor theater accentuates the splendor of particular plays,  like Shakespeare. I can speak from experience having acted in outdoor Shakespeare shows. Then again, Will (yes going to a first name basis lol) did design many of his works for the Golden Globe Theater, an outdoorsy open-air venue.

So check out some outdoor theater and art this summer and fall! Now it’s time for the fun plug!!! There’s an all-female production of Romeo & Juliet produced by Anystage Theater Co. in Reston, VA at a local park. It’s not the first time they’ve done outdoor theater or outdoor Shakespeare. It’s a fanatic mixture of comedy and tragedy you don’t wanna miss.
— Click here link to their trailer:

If you’re still reading and wanna hear about other cool nature things, just learned about a concept called Japanese forest bathing, where literally just walking in the trees can help your overall wellbeing. Well many also think the mere immersion in the arts can do the same. So let’s combine both and Go (Art)doors!

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