Grizzly Hibernation – Rising Pheonix Hybrid

You know when you get the satisfaction of makring something of your to-do list you et that wonderful boost of satisfaction? …..Only of course to have it erased by adding 3 new things to your list. Bitter-sweet, uch…if only it were as good as the chocolate version.

Golden Ginger Productions has been in a hibernation mode, but is also being reborn in a sense through other endeavors in groups through newborn collborations thanks to the connections made sprouting from the start of Golden Ginger Productions.

When I started Golden Ginger Productions is was because I wanted to make time for my lover of theater via collaborating, writing, and acting. Through it my first musical was born and produced and I have made loads of AMAZING friends and met incredible people to keep collobarating with and inspired some new writers to take the leap into their very first drafts and comedians to book their first stand-up gigs, to first time novelsists. There is not true adjective to describe that feeling, so I’ll call it a magnetic domino effect for now. Several of my budding colloaborations have lead to the creation of brand new groups/arts/theater/web series/film companies. My new partners and co-leaders wanted something new they could cultivate together. This is magical. As a result, my super time management filled scheduled has been wondrously filled with good problems, choosing which creative endavor to jump into next. My 2 babies of the moment are D.C. based theater company Too Much Damn (TMD) Theater and web series/film group Pink Razor Productions spefically the new  dramedyweb series “Baddest Boss Lady.  TMD Theater has been doing radio plays, the 48 Hour Film Project Film, and had some productions at the Kennedy Center! The TMD team also has a sense of “family” with everyone they work with, which I love. Next up are some full length plays and a web series.

So while dormant mostly, aspects still live, and will likely revive through the lifeforce of productions by future teams.