Awesome Photography!!!

Did you know what Sir Harvey Fitz, who played Alex in

How To Be The Perfect Wingwoman is also a kick ass photographer!? He also creates hilarious memes and took photos for the musical.

You can check out his photography on his Instagram.

Lastly, he submitted some of his photos to the playwriting project
31 Plays in 31 Days. They asked for photos to inspire prompts for their participating playwrights. ANND, he got selected for today’s prompt. See the cool screenshots below. 😀

Thank you & Please vote for us!!! #TeamWingwoman

Thank you to everyone who came to our performances!

The Capital Fringe Festival has something called the Capital Fringe Audience Awards.

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Our outstanding cast put their heart and souls into this show. Please support them, be our “wing-people” and join #TeamWingwoman! 😀

How To Be The Perfect Wingwoman is eligible for “Best Musical” and “Best Overall.”

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One motivation behind the Wingwoman Musical

In a nutshell version – From the Playwright

(Will tell full story another time)

I was talking to my theater friends after some #wingwomaning and said, wouldn’t it be funny if someone wrote a play about wingwomaning. Then we thought!? Yeah, why the hell not and I immediately started typing ideas into my cell phone.

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Or script for a play!