Writing/Art Lulls

So…you’ve just had a whirlwind of theater…via plays you’ve written, acting, directing, some combo of the aforementioned, etc… And now production activity has come to a temporary standstill.

On the one hand your art (whatever it may be) thrills and is full of awesome fun. On the other hand, there are no official deadlines except those of your own making or until an opportunity arrives (festivals, friends doing showcases, etc…). So what to do? To write/create or not to write/create – that is the question. Then there is also your mood and the weather and how the weather affects your mood.

To end on a more positive note – when this procrastination air begins to stick like a gross unwanted feeling or cabin fever, take small steps…a small doodle, journal/blog entry…find the inner joy. One especially great thing is find fellow artists and have a jam/writing/acting session, meetup, whatever you’d like to call it. Guess I’m in need for one of those soon. There are works swirling around in the ‘ol noggin, time to get them more on the paper or at least into some bullets.


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