Side Splitting, Pearl Clutching Performances – THIS Weekend!

Join Rabble Crew Productions at DCAC for a hilarious weekend of light theater! Shows both nights are from 8:00 pm – 9:15 pm.

Night 1: Sketchy comedy (think SNL) written
and performed by local women.

  • Friday night is Star Johnson, Cristen Stephansky, Yvonne Paretzky, Kristina Brooks, and Madeline Farrington performing ten brand new bawdy, pearl-clutching, off-color sketches. There might be a sock puppet involved.

Night 2: Riotous (Stage) Readings that’ll have you LOL-ing all night!
Tickets are $10, cash at the door or online at

Getting pumped for night 1 of hilarity!

  • Here’s a sneak peak for night 2’s stage readings!

“Extra Virgin” by Jen Williams

– Cherry poppin’ good!

Featuring: Christina Wilharm, Jenna St. John, James Cullen, Peter Orvetti, and Eileen Haley

“Shut-in” by Matt Spangler

– Who knew that Godzilla was such a cry baby?

Featuring: Merancia Noelsaint, Banks Cancún, Brian Lewandowski, Sarah Hensley, Tony Green, and James Cullen

“Pacing” by Jessica Bylander 

– Who needs couples therapy when you have a marathon?

Featuring: James Cullen, Jenna St. John, and Sarah Hensley.

“GOT” by Matt Spangler

– Hidden deep underground, there is a group of gullible humans who think they are the back-up government for the universe.

Featuring: Eileen Haley, Brittany Sankofa, Banks Cancún, and Tony Green.

“Friends Against Humanity” by Ayan and Dara Gold

– A party game for backstabbers, threesomes, and sperm donors.

Featuring: Eileen Haley, Sarah Hensley, Tony Green, Merancia Noelsaint, Christina Wilharm, and Brian Lewandowski

Stage Directions read by Peter Orvetti

Readings directed by Dara Gold.


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