Love My City

I love my city.

My city is D.C.

D.C. Is my home and has been so the last 4 years. 

Each day I discover more and more treasures revealing its endless abundance of magnificence. Especially the art and the people who make it more than magic.

I know the  DC arts community is outstanding, but I’m constantly more awe inspired each time I see something new. New styles, genres, interpretations, such fun clever wit and creativity! And we are a part of this magic. Last night I finally went to the Wooly Mammoth Theater for the 1st time. I’ve always heard the best, but never made my way over. The time had come, especially thanks to their Pay What You Can Night and freedom from homework. I saw “Collective Rage: A Play in Dive Boops.” 

I learned about the pay what you can night on Facebook and just took a leap of faith. I didn’t lookup the show, just texted friends and went! It was AMAZING! Every part! The set, writing, acting, directing  — absolutely all if it. It was hilarious , smart, simple and yet also layers of complexity. No spoilers here. I also loved that it was an all woman cast and playwright. The post-theater high was strong and the reaffirmance of  choosing DC as my joke and reclaiming my creative Identity was rejenveated in the best of ways!!!

– Dara 

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