Irony of Writer’s Block

TTHEhe recent posts have been alot about inspiration and the writing process because the 31 Days Playwriting project is still happening and well, blogging thoughts is a gateway to other future ideas. So here goes some more thoughts on the splendor and rancor behind the “ugh” “uch” and “aha” feelings of writing. 🙂

Writer’s block can be a very personal struggle. Sometimes you want advice for it, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes when you do, the advice just plain doesn’t work for you. It may work, but not in that moment, etc… One of the suggestions I have heard is that it’s good to designate a time and place for writing. But for some reason, especially recently, that particular tidbit of advice has not been working.

It’s like the the hardness of a desk/table and the rigid timing is confining my thoughts. I get into this weird mindset where I both want to write and do not want to write. Or even if I want to write, I think that I do not to write what I had been brainstorming or writing. But when I am walking home or on a lunch break, or I’m doing something else and time becomes precious, both inspiration and my passion re-ignite. Maybe it’s the adrenaline or that writing is a way to distract me when I’m bored with something else. That’s one things that’s so great about 24 hour or on-the go theater is that you just got to make it happen and you don’t overthink. This constant inner-battle is incredibly frustrating. And sometimes that re-spark is not for the thing I had intended to write at all. Writing is wonderful, fun, finicky, and incredibly frustrating. But doing it is bliss, so I continue nonetheless.

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